Choose The Right Food to Get Rid of Candida And Gluten Intolerance

Most people have candida. These are microorganisms that help us digest. Candida is in our intestines. Sometimes people suffer from Candida overgrowth.

Research shows that the excess Candida in our body is related to lifestyle. Candida kills the beneficial bacteria in our system and impairs our intestinal function.

It is important to use a good probiotic supplement when our doctors prescribe candida for cold or sore throat. Antibiotics used by animals are sometimes passed into our systems through animal meat or milk.

Take the aid of candida foods which inhibit the growth of candida. The candida diet also strengthens our immune system and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. You can also order gluten free hampers online.

Green leafy vegetables, raw garlic, and proteins like beef, chicken, fish eggs are ideal candida foods. Include lots of nuts, seeds and whole grains like millet, rice, rice bran and oat bran in your candida diet.

Candida grows rapidly when it comes in contact with sweet foods, so any kind of sweetened or processed food will grow Candida. It is very important not to eat foods that accelerate the growth of candida.

When the immune system is strong enough, it can counteract the harmful effects of candida. Spices, packaged foods, tea, coffee and beverages should be avoided in excess. Candida can also be found in contraceptives such as the copper IUD.

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