Decorating A Family Room With Oriental Area Rugs

If you think that you can only use oriental area rugs in rooms that have hardwood floors, think again. In reality, these versatile rugs can be used just about anywhere – even in carpeted rooms.

Oriental Rugs add depth and dimension to any interior design scheme, allowing you to create a customized look with ease. You can also buy oriental weavers rugs via online.

 Deciding to use oriental rugs is easy; figuring out precisely how to arrange them is a bit trickier. 

Whether you're planning to use large rugs or small ones, you should always carefully measure a room before moving ahead with your plans. Measure the overall dimensions of the room first.

If you're going to use small rugs to accent a corner of a large room, measure that corner as well. Different measurements will be needed for things like runners, too, since they need to be arranged in narrow spaces. Keep in mind that you should always allow at least five to eight inches of floor space to show around each edge of a rug to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

Whether you opt for one large rug or for an eclectic array of smaller oriental area rugs, you're sure to love the stylish visual effects that they bring to your living room or family room.

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