Fixie Bikes for Sale and Things to Know When Buying One

If you are looking for fixed gear bikes for sale then most likely you have recently discovered the wonderful world of fixed-gear bikes and want to get one. For a better ride and to keep you happy with your purchase, there are a few things you really need to keep in mind before you buy.

Before checking out singlespeed bike fixie for sale, you first need to understand what a fixed-gear bicycle is and how it differs from other bikes. Fixes differ from other bikes in a way that most bikes have a rear-wheel with multiple cogs. It can change gears and freewheels with the help of a derailleur. There is only one cog in a fixed gear. It can only go forward, so whenever the bike moves, the pedals also move.

However, for those who want to be able to switch between fixed and freewheel, there is an option known as a flip flop hub. It is a hub that can be easily switched between fixed and freewheel on the rear wheel. Just flip it to the one you prefer.

When looking for fixie bikes for sale, there are really only three to choose from. These are track fixed bike, road fixed bike, and fixed mountain bike.

Track-fixed bikes are the ones you see flying around the track at the Olympics. They are made for speed and not for comfort. They have a rigid frame with rounded fork blades and don't have any kind of quick-release option in the wheels. They are great on the track but torture on the road.

Road fixie bikes seem to be the most popular because they are very easy to spot riding around town. There are many available today as fixes become more popular now. If this is your first fixed bike, your best bet is to buy a pre-built one.

Fixed gear mountain bikes are probably the least known type of fixed bike. These bikes are really meant for bike riders. Riding in rough terrain with multiple gears is already tough enough but doing it with one gear is really an incredible task.

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