Give Your Employer More Confidence in Remote Working Methods

Recent decisions by Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer insisted that all employees working in the office has led to protests from the location of the self-employed, and companies that use remote workers, worldwide. He has been criticized as being out of touch, failing to get with the times and lose all the benefits that remote working provides.

But the prohibition of remote work only highlights the fact that many employers are still unsure about allowing their employees to work remotely. Often, they are worried that they will see a decrease in productivity, or that their employees will not be able to contribute to the team as well.

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So if you want to work remotely in your work, how you can give your employer more confidence in remote working practices so that they can see the benefits?

Your boss may fear the prospect you go and work from home, but part of that maybe the idea of it being too permanent too fast. As well as highlighting all the benefits you can think of, including the financial benefits do not have to provide tables and equipment, try to convince your boss to give you a trial for a few weeks, or to start work one or two days a week from home. They are much more likely to try it if you have agreed that it will only be a trial, and this gives you plenty of opportunity to convince those benefits.

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