How To Install Various Types Of Wallpaper In Your Home

Wallpapers are considered as the timeless decorating medium. However, the new patterns of the Wallpaper have come with a dramatic combination of design and color. You can easily find any wallpaper design according to your choice in your budget. They are very easy to install and remove from the walls of your home, and you can easily add style and grace to your home with multiple wallpaper types.


Keep reading this article to learn about various types of wallpaper for your home and how their installation procedures do differ from one another: –

1. Vinyl Based Wallpaper:

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the popular types of wallpaper in the market. They are come with various features such as durable and last up to 20 years. Moreover, they do not fade easily as compared to other styles. These types of wallpapers are made from high materials. You can find the vinyl wallpaper in a large variety of colors and patterns. Wallpapers are easy to clean as they are made from wood that imitates stone and other natural elements. You can hide the imperfections from the wall surface with embossed wallpaper.

How To Install Vinyl Wallpaper:

Un-pasted wallpaper is installed by applying adhesive to the paper or wall, and pre-pasted wallpapers are hung by activating the adhesive with water that is already on the form.

2. Wall Liner Paper:

Wall liner paper is not decorative material and is not intended to be the final finish. Instead of it, they are used as the foundation layer, which helps to cover the flaws on the wall. It allows you to paint and apply your designer wallcoverings over it without any blemishes.

How To Install Wall Liner:

The wall liner is installed horizontally with a small grip between sheets. You can hang the wall liner by using contractor-grade wallpaper glue. Once you have applied the wall liner, it is necessary to add the primed before installing the wallpaper.

3. Non-Woven Wallpaper:

Non-Woven wallpaper is new in the market, and it has a unique feature that you don’t paste the paper; instead of it, you paste the wall and take the paper to the wall. Universal wallpaper adhesive is the perfect choice for this type of wallpaper. Apart from this, they are easy to remove from the wall.

How To Install Non-Woven Wallpaper:

First, you have to score the wall with the scoring tool. After that, use a garden sprayer and wet the wall. Start applying wallpaper on the wall from the bottom and peel the wallpaper off.

4. Textured Wallpaper:

Textured wallpaper has come with many beautiful and unique designs and patterns. It gives a 3D look to the wallpaper and includes stone, floral, and wood patterns. These types of wallpapers are installed the same as the other vinyl wallpaper, and they help to hide the flaws from the wall. If you don’t want to remove the old wallpaper, it is great to cover it with this type of wallpaper.

To Conclude:

It is great to brighten up the walls of your home with wallpapers. There are various types of wallpaper, and their installation processes are discussed for your home.

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