How To Use A 6×9 Rug In Your Decor

Large area rugs usually come in different sizes. You can see a 6×9 rugs, 8×10, 9×12, 12×15, and even as large as 15×18. However, this does not necessarily mean that all these sizes will work well for your home. If you really want to know which of these sizes will work best, you have to go through certain processes first.

First of all, you have to determine what size do you think will be your priority. Say for instance you chose the 6×9 rug. This will really be your first option. However, as you go along, if you find out that this is not the best for your home, you can try out some other choices.

After determining your point of reference, decide on what area do you want the rug to cover. Do you want the entire floor to be covered with these rugs? If not, do you want it to be a focal point or center of attraction? Say for instance you want to cover the entire floor.

You have to measure first the dimensions of your floor. If you have a bigger room, more or less the 6×9 rug won't do. Drop that option and go for the size of the rug which is closest to your floor size. Now, if you only want it to become the center of attraction, you can place one underneath your sofa set or television set. This time, the 6×9 rug might fit in.


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