Introduction to Types of Golf Courses

There are many different types of golf courses in Wisconsin, each with its own unique features and benefits. If you're new to the game, or just looking for a new challenge, here's a quick overview of the most common types of golf courses in the state: 

Public Golf Courses – These courses are open to the public and typically offer lower rates than private clubs. They also often have shorter course lengths and can be more challenging.

Private Golf Courses – These clubs are for members only and can be quite expensive. They tend to have longer course lengths and more challenging designs. To choose golf courses visit

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Country Clubs – Country clubs are typically exclusive and offer some of the best golf opportunities in the state. They often have long course lengths and plenty of hazards, including water hazards.

Rural Courses – These courses are typically older and less expensive than the ones that you'd find in the cities. They tend to have shorter course lengths and more difficult designs.

Links Courses – Links courses are among the most challenging in the state, with deep bunkers, water hazards, and plenty of slopes for elevation changes. They typically have long course lengths and are not recommended for beginners.

Recreational Courses – These courses are often found in more rural areas, and tend to be a bit less difficult than the ones you'd find in a city. They're best for people who enjoy playing 18 holes and aren't looking for an intense workout.

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