Keyless Electronic Door Locks – The Advance Lock Systems

The keyless electronic door lock is the next step in the evolution of the access control door. The device offers homeowners several advantages, including control buttons that are actually pick-proof.

The traditional key has all the mechanical parts, and therefore vulnerable to manipulation by the tool. A skilled locksmith can open one of these doors in a few minutes.

An electronic key has no mechanical order to cut this type of lock, you have to decode the coding of the lock. This means fingerprints for biometric locks or a numerical code for the keypad lock.

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Biometric security is nothing more than using some of the unique physical properties to verify our identity. It can be the pattern of the fingerprint, hand geometry, facial recognition, even unique patterns of the iris. This technology is currently being presented as powerful but not in case of fingerprints.

This device can be easily fooled by the impression made of your fingerprint. The problem is that unless your fingerprints can be taken by somebody else and be used to open your locks. The Keypad entry system is much more secure, especially those that utilize scramble pad.

With keyless locks, you do not need to worry about your valuables. When you feel that your access code has been compromised you can change it in a matter of minutes.

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