New EBook Format Strategy

Well,  if you want people to read your book straight through, then you might as well just have them start where you'd wish, and if they'd like to see where they're going, or navigate later, they can go back to the beginning click on a link and go to the index, bibliography, acknowledgments, introduction, or even the table of contents.

In other words, there would be two tables of contents. One would be just a quick list of all of those e-book components, perhaps even three deep and three abreast – all that taking up less than 2 inches on the e-reader, on the very first page. You can browse the internet for more information on book design and covers.

Why do I suggest this? Because I believe this would solve my problem as an author getting my readers to start reading.

After all, if you're going to go and complete a journey, you must take that first step, in fact, it's the most important part as they often say.

It's not that I wish to change the world, or change every e-book on Amazon Kindle, however, if this is where people are thinking, why not make it easier for the way humans digest e-books and this sort of digital information on their tablets, iPods, laptops, and smartphones? Please consider all this and think on it.

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