Periodontitis – Symptoms And Causes

Periodontitis, also referred to as gum disease, is a serious gum disease that damages the delicate tissue and without treatment, can destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis may cause teeth to loosen or contribute to tooth loss.

Periodontitis is ordinary but mostly preventable. It is normally caused by bad oral hygiene. If you’re looking for more information about periodontal dentists you can see here now

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Brushing at least twice per day, flossing every day, and receiving regular dental checkups can boost your odds of effective therapy for periodontitis and may also lower your chance of developing it.

Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss. The bacteria responsible for periodontitis may enter your bloodstream through the gum tissue, potentially impacting different parts of the human body. 

The best approach to stop periodontitis is to stick to a program of oral hygiene, one which you start early and exercise consistently throughout life.

Great oral hygiene. Meaning brushing your teeth for 2 minutes at least twice per day — in the morning and before going to bed  and flossing at least once every day. 

Good oral hygiene prevents the growth of an environment around the teeth which is beneficial to certain germs that cause periodontal disease.

Follow your physician's recommended program for a routine checkup. If you observe any signs of periodontitis, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. The earlier you deal with care, the better your chances of reversing damage from periodontitis.

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