Powder Coating Spray Booths – Powder Coating Plant

Solvents are usually required to apply “wet” paint, so that the paint can turn into a liquid so that it can be applied to the object to be painted. Solvents also make the paint sticky, which makes it sticky and sticks to the surface.

With powder coating, only solid particles from the paint are sprayed onto the product in the form of a spray powder. The powder is attracted to the product and sticks to it due to the electrostatic charge on the powder during spraying. You can visit https://spraytech.com/turn-key-powder-coating-systems/ to find out about powder coating booth for sale in CA.

This powder-coated product is then heated in an oven (up to about 200 degrees Celsius), where the powder melts (melts) on the product, forming a smooth, hard and elastic coating.

What are the benefits of powder coating?

High quality

Because the talc is pounded on the product, it has excellent scratch resistance properties. In addition, it has a pleasant "smooth" appearance and forms a tightly sealed skin around the product, which minimizes the risk of corrosion.

Can be recovered

Unlike wet paint, excess spray powder can be collected and reused! If you consider that in any paint spray system, only about 50% of the powder coating actually works, big savings can be made if the residue can be reused.

Easy automation

Because the powder is electrostatically applied, fully recoverable, and easy to clean, it is ideal for simple and automatic applications, minimizing labor. Powder coating requires a curing oven which usually operates at 200 degrees to remove dust.

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