The Importance of Hand Washing

It is well known that inadequate handwashing can spread germs. However, because cleaning professionals sometimes overlook how important it is within our business. If your cleaning team is wearing gloves, it is still important that they invest the extra time required for certain substances and the germs to be thoroughly washed by their hands.

Hand sanitizer is the best way to clean hands in a short time. To buy best alcohol-based hand sanitizers in wholesale you can explore the online resources.

A minimum of 20 seconds is required for the washing to work. To clean hands completely, follow these steps:

1. Wet hands with warm running water prior to reaching for soap, either in a bar or liquid form.

2. Add soap and rub hands together to make a lather. This should be done away from running water, so the lather is not washed away.

The Importance of Hand Washing

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3. Wash the front and back of hands, between fingers and under nails. Continue rubbing the hands for an additional 15 seconds.

4. Rinse hands well under warm running water.

5. Dry hands thoroughly with either clean towels or an air dryer.

If soap and water are not available, it is a great idea to retain alcohol-based hand sanitizer, gels, or antibacterial wipes as an alternative.

This is particularly important in healthcare environments that workers take extra time to ensure that they have eliminated any contaminants with which they may come into contact. Problem areas in healthcare environments include door handles, personal bed railings, personal and public phones, toilets, medical spaces, and furniture.

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