The Kelowna Dispensary: A Helpful Guide To Medical Marijuana

A dispensary is a store or business that sells medical marijuana. The dispensaries are licensed by Health Canada to sell marijuana for medical purposes. They are regulated by the government and must meet certain requirements, such as being secure and having a clean environment.

There are two types of dispensaries: open and closed. Open dispensaries allow customers to browse the selection and buy marijuana from the clerk on site; closed dispensaries operate like mail-order pharmacies and require a doctor’s prescription in order to purchase marijuana.

Medical marijuana is available in many different forms, including dried bud, oil, capsules, and edibles (such as brownies). It can also be vaporized or smoked using an electronic cigarette. You can also buy them through a Kelowna pharmacy.

The dosage of cannabis varies depending on the condition being treated. For example, people with chronic pain may need to use less cannabis than people with cancer or multiple sclerosis. Patients also have the option of using cannabis in combination with other treatments, such as prescription medications or complementary therapies.

How is cannabis sold at dispensaries?

Cannabis is usually sold at dispensaries in either pre-rolled cigarettes or in loose dried buds. Pre-rolled cigarettes are favored by some patients because they avoid having to grind the cannabis themselves, and they can store them more easily. 

Loose dried buds are more popular with recreational users, as they can be smoked immediately or used to make cannabis extracts.

When purchasing cannabis at a dispensary, it is important to know the prices for different types of products. The cost of cannabis will vary depending on the strain, quality, and size of the bud. Most dispensaries also have a selection of concentrates, such as hash oil and wax, for added cost.

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