Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Awning In Phoenix For Your Business

Commercial awnings are popular among all sorts of businesses ranging from retail stores to restaurants, and even for professional services. In addition to serving an aesthetic purpose, awnings from can provide advertising space for businesses, help keep stores cooler during the summer months, and provide shelter for pedestrians.

How do you choose the right awning for your business? Here are a few tips to help you decide which commercial awning is right for your business.

Consider the function.

In choosing your commercial awning, you will want to consider the kind of function that you wish to serve. For some businesses, commercial awnings are little more than a feature to be used as signage. 

Other businesses may want to use them as shelter to protect merchandise that is placed outside during the day, or even as a shade for benches where customers can sit and relax for a while.

Do you want retractable or stationary?

There are a wider variety of looks that you can achieve with a stationary awning, however, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, then your awning may last longer if it is retractable.

What is the best material to use?

When choosing a commercial awning, there are three main types of material to select from. These include:

  • Vinyl and polyester composite – This material is both durable and flame retardant. It is a popular choice with many storefronts and franchises.

  • Cotton blend canvas – This is the least durable of awning fabrics, but it is a low-cost option if you are on a budget.

  • Acrylic fabric – This fabric isn’t completely waterproof; however, it is resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light, which makes it an excellent choice for areas with hot and humid summers.

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