What Are The Things To Look For In An Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue In South wales?

So, what kind of features should you be looking for in an eco-friendly wedding venue? From catering options to plastic and waste policies, there are a few different ways your venue can help you go green.

Keep the following features in mind as you begin researching and touring potential Wedding Venues in South Wales!

Venue Location and Distance From Guests

If planning an eco-friendly wedding is important to you, we’d suggest starting your venue search close to home. While destination weddings are certainly memorable, they aren’t so great for the planet. 

A local venue will help you and the majority of your guests cut down on unnecessary travel and reduce your carbon footprint. If you can host both your ceremony and reception at the same location, that’s going to be another great win.

Eco-Friendly Catering Options

Food and drink will have a major impact on the carbon footprint of your wedding – so when it comes to venue features, catering is a biggie! 

These days, most wedding venues offer food and beverage packages in-house. If this is the case, you’ll want to ask about the different menu options available, and whether this aligns with your eco-friendly values.

For example: does the venue source local, seasonal produce? Are there vegan and vegetarian options? Do they grow any fresh produce on-site? Be sure to ask your potential venues how they can cater to your guests as sustainably as possible.

Recommend Suppliers

Many venues have a list of preferred suppliers, but some venues require you to work with these suppliers as a condition of your booking. Don’t forget to check out the vendors on this list so you can see if they align with your eco-friendly values, too. 

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