What exactly is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton t-shirts, one of the many types of eco-swag, or "green swag," available, became increasingly popular as promotional products and giveaways. You can contact us to purchase the best organic T-shirts for you and your family.

Popularity brand T-shirts don't Reduce. However, major changes occur both buyers of promo items and event participants; ask for their tee from organic cotton.

So, what is the real organic cotton, you said?

Well, according to truly cotton, this refers to organically grown cotton using plant rotation, profitable insects, compost, and others, less aggressive agricultural methods, chemical fertilizers, and intensive agricultural engineering.

According to land associations, typical conventional cotton t-shirts use around 150 grams of acute pesticides and insecticides; that’s the size of a cup of sugar. Organic cotton is produced from cotton plants that grow organically. There are no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used to grow them, and the last fabric is not bleached and colored with natural plant dyes.

Unbleached cotton tees are easily recognizable because they are ECRU in color – or chocolate are very light, – the sounder for the environment rather than bleached or dyed cotton.

Of course, for marketing purposes, ECRU may not always be a way to go, because color, after all, has its place in the promo world. The brand is a brand.

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