Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist?

The term "Pediatric Dentistry" refers to a specialty dentist. A general dentist or family dentist is one that has completed 4 years of dental school and perhaps a residency in general dentistry thereafter.

A pediatric dentist has the same 4 years of dental school but then given further training by completing a 2-3 year residency in pediatric dentistry.

pediatric dentist

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During residency, the candidate receives specialized training in the management of children of all ages dental needs; two good kids, and those who are medically compromised.

Throughout the United States, and Canada, you will find only eighty residency programs in pediatric dentistry. Each program can take 1 to 10 residents each year.

Secure a place in pediatric dental residency after graduating from dental school can be difficult because there is stiff competition to get into these programs.

Once admitted, the pediatric dental residents spend many hours in academic studies and clinical practice training. The pediatric dental residency programs teach students about child psychology and clinical management of children.

The training also includes pharmacology related to the child, radiology, how to care for patients with special needs, conscious sedation, general anesthesia, and the management of trauma oral/facial. Achieving a result of a pediatric dentistry residency in the pediatric dentistry training certificate.

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