4 Important Steps to Ensure Your Solar Lights Stand Up

You have made the final purchase and your solar lights are on their way. Here are some tips before you install the light systems to make sure they stand up to the test of time.

Have your lights already installed, these tips can help make sure your lights are installed properly and will continue to work flawlessly year after year. You can also get solar light installation services via https://ligmansolarlighting.com

Please read the installation instructions thoroughly

The installation manual contains a lot of information that can help you make sure your system is installed correctly. You will also find troubleshooting information that can be used to quickly identify the problem if it occurs during installation.

solar light installation

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Make sure the solar is in the sun

To function properly at night, the solar panel must be exposed to full sunlight all day. The solar panel won't be able to produce enough power to charge the battery and run the lights at night if it is shaded.

Follow all Labels

Make sure you check for labels on wires and parts of the system. Follow the instructions and read them. If the installation manual has been modified, additional labels will be added to ensure that the system is correctly assembled. You can avoid overloading the system or blowing fuses by reading all labels before connecting wires.

Maintain regular maintenance

A solar lighting system, just like your house and car, requires minimal maintenance.

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